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(NOTE: this talk page needs to be translated into Swedish.)


This is one of a set of templates for crosslinking equivalent pages across the different language wikis of TO. It provides a link from a page on this language wiki to the same page on the English wiki. On the English wiki itself, it will generate a null string. This will make it easier to copy lists of interlanguage links to new language wikis.

Suggested usage: put all the language links at the bottom of the page.

{{Llink en | page = X}}

X is the English page title. Substitute underscores (_) for the spaces between words in the title. All capitalization, punctuation and diacritical marks must appear. Do NOT include the full URL; the template will take care of that for you.

Example: to link to the main page of the English wiki,

{{Llink start}} {{Llink en | page = Main_Page}}

This will produce the following line:

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Tabula Rasa 20 augusti 2008 kl. 21.53 (UTC)